“Royalty Free” Tells of Making The World A better Place Through Music And A Dream

By Sherletta Germain 

“Royalty Free” is a story of Kevin McCloud and his ability to make the world a better place through his composition of music. I really enjoyed the film because it didn’t just show one layer of who Kevin is. The film showed the ups and downs; the good versus the bad .

Kevin’s career was interesting in how he kind of accidentally stepped into, what would be considered as maybe, his life’s purpose. Things that made him feel good and him wanting to make the world a better place by giving away free music was really “a thing.” It raised a lot of awareness, it raised a lot of eyebrows and it caused some
disruption with other composers.There were plenty of friends, long time fans, and even his girlfriend, who all sang praises on high; then there were those who despised him, stating he was ruining the music industry by giving his music away for free. But in all actuality, he single handedly changed the game.

I feel like there are so many things that I’ve learned from Kevin; particularly how the more you give, the more you gain. And he inspires me- being able to give his music away Royalty-Free really set the tone for him in just about every industry, right? Learning about how he’s impacted the gaming community, how he’s impacted YouTubers, how the music industry, the porn industry, and finally how he’s changed the content of pretty much any production that involves music.

To know that he makes music just so very naturally and easily is very cool. Kevin has found a way to take his gift and infuse it with the talents and gifts of others, making way for an incredible production. He took $20,000 and made his dream come true. I suppose. I have to also bring up the fact that the “Royalty Free” film was being produced at a time when his brother died. Kevin was able to talk about his brother’s passing openly. It was a very difficult time, and unfair at best. I am honestly still moved by how Kevin revered their relationship, and spoke of how his life is impacted in real time by the bond they shared..

Another interesting layer came out when he also spoke about anxiety and depression, which are very real diagnoses for him. He did not shy away from this topic,which made me admire him and his work even more. Kevin’s friends who were being interviewed were equally as candid, and spoke of how he tends to be withdrawn or detached from the world in his own unique way. Despite his struggle with his mental wholeness, they still support him in any way they could.

Although Kevin’s not a people’s person, he seems to know how to make people feel really good wherever he goes. My s it’s just, it’s pretty dope.

Overall, I just feel like the earth needs more people like Kevin McLeod. He has mastered the art of giving, and the Universal Law of Reciprocity. Kevin has literally made the world a better place. He transmutes his gifts from out of his head, to his fingers onto a computer screen, and then it just takes off to the rest of the planet.

“Royalty Free” be available on video on demand and DVD March 29, 2022. For more information and to follow the film go here or Facebook .