Squirrel Me Bad A Rock band For Today and Their Music Video “The World’s Gone Nutz” Review

Animator Daniel Robert Cohn with one of his actors.

By Vernon Nickerson

Animator Daniel Robert Cohn who thrives when expressing through creativity has brought together the most famous metaphor of and for the Twenty-first Century, The World’s Gone Nutz to technicolor life on the silver screen.

Cohn’s creative mind went into overdrive, writing and recording an anthem song for 2020 called “The World’s Gone Nutz” and creating an epic music video to go with it. Squirrel Me Bad is not just a band, but an entertainment oasis during these extremely strange times. The pandemic compels animator Daniel Robert Cohn to create an all-squirrel universe in a video series. In The World’s Gone Nutz, The world’s first all-squirrel-band, Squirrel Me Bad. The band comments on the insanity of our current times and events.

I worked 16 hours a day every day for the entire lock down and a bit beyond. My wife befriended the squirrels and they would come in the house in front of a green screen… she was able to pet them and massage them, it was incredible. I also used the grass itself in the backyard as a natural green screen and built a human sized squirrel hand that I composited onto them to make them drum and play guitar.”

Animator Daniel Robert Cohn

What a sweet trip down memory lane. From my vantage. Point in 2021, the Squirrel Commander in Chief can be Trump OR Joe Biden; watch twice and see if you can identify all the legendary/iconic memes and or buzz words from the last five years. You can be certain which one you are actually watching and hearing in the performance. See the video. LIKE, Share the video and laugh.

Do it NOW, ‘cause… wait for it in five…four…three…two…one…The World’s Gone Nutz!

“The World’s Gone Nutz” Premiered at the 2021 Marina Del Rey Film Festival and the 2021 Dances With Films Festival.

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