“Through These Brown Eyes” Book Reveiw

By Vernon Nickerson

“Attention, all lovers of edge-of-your-seat, hair-raising, triumphant, tragic, and triumphantly heart-wrenching romance dramas currently live-streaming in 2021! Have I got the perfect low-tech/high-heart string tugging memoir for you. Angelica Robles debut as an author to watch, Through These Brown Eyes, is the perfect getaway book for your reading pleasure. I highly recommend it as well earned respite from way too much electronic face-time.

When I first opened “Through These Brown Eyes” and read her introductory comments, little did I realize that I was about to go through the looking glass on a robust, plot twist rich remembrance roller coaster ride that I finished in one sitting. Full disclosure, I actually said “WOW!”, as soon as I finished the Afterword, which, unlike most Afterwords, is NOT an after-thought. In fact, it is as powerful as Robles’ story because it was written by one of the many characters Ms. Robles makes us care about in her twenty-plus chapter main narrative.

As narrator and heroine, Ms. Robles strikes a perfect balance between setting the scenes for her adventures in parallel with her moves between Mexico and various locations throughout the United States. Including Texas in general and Houston. Roughly midway through her story, an appropriately brief digression into some vaguely “X-Files” open secrets of the US government are deftly followed by multiple dramatic climaxes in Ms Robles’ otherwise scintillating and engaging narrative.

To paraphrase the author, “Stop waiting for Happiness to come to you!” Go gather a bunch of book club friends and read “Through These Brown Eyes” by Angelica Robles. I trust you will discover the joy of bringing happiness to yourself and others!”

Latinx-Daughter, survivor, sister, student, friend, single lady, US Government undercover investigator, triathlete, Iron man competitor, wife, mother, and now—, author!

I wonder if a biopic or sequel is in Angelica Robles’ future?