A Change Is Coming To The Art Of Monteque

The Art Of Monteque team would like to take this moment to thank our wonderful supportive audience. You have watched as we have grown and become more versatile in what we do. It has always been our aim to support artists and their expression while showcasing those unique voices.

Now the time has come for us to take the next step in opening a brand new chapter of opportunities. We will be changing the name The Art Of Monteque to dreamweverarts.org. None of this will change our mission or how we support the arts community. Everything that you have grown to love about The Art Of Monteque will remain the same. We are simply aligning the organization with The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch to better support the community.

We thank you for taking the time to join us on this ever changing fascinating journey. Please stay tuned because the best it Is yet to come. From all of us at The Art Of Monteque we thank you for your gracious support and for joining us on the next level of our development.


The Art Of Monteque Team