No Time to Clean? Listen to Pauline Irene Stacey!

By Vernon Nickerson

The best thing about “No Time to Clean? Listen to Irene!” it got me thinking of the people in my world who could benefit from Ms. Stacey’s compact and  accessible coaching and direction.  Practically, everything the novice, veteran or expert needs to know about cleaning a living space lies within the pages of “No Time to Clean? Listen to Irene!”  

The timing for this book could not be better. Whether preparing to entertain family and friends for the holidays, sprucing up your home office for ongoing ZOOM meetings and or just wanting to enjoy the calm that comes with a clean and organized apartment or condominium, “No Time to Clean? Listen to Irene!” is the real deal. “No Time to Clean? Listen to Irene!” is also “the complete package”. I addition to helpful illustrations, based on the descriptions, as they were not included in my review copy, there is a link to Ms. Stacey’s website. Follow the link provided to the website and you are rewarded with email template to ask any questions about cleaning that may arise. This simple link is provides a connection to a community of current cleaners with whom cleaning victories, questions and when necessary, struggles can be shared. Like many other Internet businesses in the twenty-first century, “No Time to Clean? Listen to Irene!” has a Facebook Community.  There are  nine ‘cheat sheets’ you can print out and make an at-a-glance mini-book. Voila, a portable greatest hits edition to save wear and tear on the book over time.  All of these value-added accessories and the promise of a clean home in exchange for just a couple of hours work and, as a wise woman once said, “You had me at ‘clean’.”

If you are a parent wanting to teach your child simple housecleaning techniques, or a teacher of independent living skills for youth and young adults, I highly recommend you consider gifting this book to your students as you demonstrate an expert level cleaning technique to your student(s). In addition to the coaching pro tips you would expect, there are several unexpected takeaways from the book. For example, Ms. Stacey stresses the value in playing your favorite up beat music while you are cleaning.  As expected, there is a suggestion that organization is the key to having clean houses.

All that being said, here is a short list of people who would benefit greatly from receiving their personal copy of No Time to Clean:
 – first time new cleaners,
 – homeschooling parents,
 – students studying to become building maintenance professionals,
 – teachers planning curriculum for basic living skills,
 – culinary arts teachers working in virtual classrooms,
 – youth  and young adults in their first dorm rooms and or apartments (make it part of a gift basket with cleaning tools and start up supplies)
 – new homemakers and or experienced homemakers who hate housecleaning, and or
 – those hiring cleaning services to show them what you want done

America, let’s make our living spaces beautiful for the next time we are asked to stay inside and save ourselves from any angry microorganisms! Start a new holiday tradition with the new book “No Time to Clean? Listen to Pauline!” by Pauline Irene Stacey– deep cleaning ahead of the holidays! Available here and on Amazon.