“Overrun” is Overdone and Underwhelming”

By Mike Szymanski

Take every gangland cliche and put them together into one big jumble and that’s what you’ll find with “Overrun.”

That includes the exploding briefcase, the Russian bad guys, a pair of inept goofballs, an innocent kidnapped sister, brutal torture, lots of gunfire, and mix in corrupt cops, bounty hunters, car chases, ex-military rogues, martial arts, double-crossing, and painfully on-the-nose dialogue.

The saving points are legendary actors Bruce Dern and Nicholas Turturro, who shine above all the rest in the acting department. But, both Bruce and Nic have done some really schlocky movies in the past although they shine fantastically when pushed by the right director (Bruce in “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” for example, under Quentin Tarantino).

And then there’s William Katt, once the “Greatest American Hero” pretty boy on TV who is doing a sort of disheveled Columbo routine as a detective, with the requisite overcoat to boot.