Creative Tool

Photo by Marley Clovelly on

By Stephan Pisko

What can an artist do with yet another creative tool?

Create something different?

The advent of digital technology enhanced creative output immensely the photographic artist wasn’t hesitant to cutback on output because of the expense of film and the “digital age” presented extending the creativity latitude within the captured image in a myriad of magnificent ways.

The “film age” provided artistry with the basic fundamental lessons’ learning the visual craft experimenting in the “darkroom” but now we have as artists’ a “lightroom” to experiment with producing instant effects’ that took us hours’ to attain visually in the darkroom.

Plus we can take all of these lense gems’ of the (past & present) connecting them to high pixel digital technology to create some very unusually beautiful creativity this is really exciting because it is limitless on what a photographic artist can and could create.

It all depends upon the expanding imaginative mind behind that creative tool!