We Are Deep Into Summer

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

By Jannie Vaugh

For many of us, the spring garden is being harvested and preserved. I have re-planted some sweet corn a 70-day variety. Along with this Red Kuri, winter squash was planted a few hills of a small sweet melon. Using the Moon Calendar the New Moon for July was the 9th. But the corn was finishing and Not finished. It went in on the 18th of July Which was in the First Quarter zone Most prolific for sowing and planting All that produce above ground.

According to the Vegetable Garden Planting guide was corn and cucumber, Okra, Summer and winter squash, and tomatoes transplants. I have Southern collards, red swiss chard, purple basil, a few melons for trial in the hoop house as starts. Since I am planning for the fall garden I went to the Old Farmers Almanac and put in my location information for First Frost. For Central Texas zone 8a it is proposed to be November 4th, 2021. This zone has 215 growing days. We have a long growing season and for me, the fall Garden is the Best. What is concerning now are my heavy overgrown still producing tomatoes. It has been a Bumper crop for tomatoes but not so good for cucumbers.

This week according to the Moon Calendar it says Don’t prune till the 20th, Do take All cuttings and good for grafting. Tomorrow I will take cuttings from the Berky Tye Dye, and Basket tomatoes all Heritage heirloom. I have a bucket at hand and my clippers. and I carefully clip the Succours from the plants which are the Upright shoots that come out of the existing limbs, I remove any bottom leaves and place in water immediately. They go inside under the lights and there they will begin to make roots. These eventually go into large 5-gallon buckets or the hoop house raised beds and begin their process for a Fall into winter harvest. inside the hoop house with overhead grow lights. After the 26th I will begin to prune the tomatoes. Taking them down to 3 feet pruning off all lower leaves and re-adjust the supports. Then a good Organic tomatoes Tone feed along with some Compost Tea. I can get another crop of fruit and green tomatoes when that first frost comes along. I have even dug up healthy plants before frost and re-planted them with their huge root system. With varied success. Remember Heritage tomatoes are or can be perennial. Peppers also.

Yes it is the heat of summer and the garden is looking tired but with some planning and careful work, this will be another great growing season.

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