Well, Hello, Workhorse Queen! – A Review Of A New Film From Angela Washko

By Vernon Nickerson

Angela Washko Director/ Writer/ Producer masterfully leads an ensemble Drag Queen village cast to raise a fabulous film extravaganza, “Workhorse Queen” !

If there’s a niche in the LGTBQ+ community for a beautiful, powerful, profound and inspirational and moving tale perfectly pitched, have I got a “Workhorse Queen” and her family to meet that need. Masterfully, tastefully, and damn freakishly satisfying, too!

Can one be besotted by a film? I think so. By the way, don’t let this intentional 5 stars out of 5 stars(++!) review fool you, the best part of WQ is it’s drama plot twists and turns. These ladies and gentlemen are shown, well-managed warts and all. Having read RuPauls memoir back in the day, it was good to pair the glamour and glitz with the hard work, long hours, and partners/ spouses/ dads and moms who support the drag divas– and the painstaking attention to detail that becomes like a pre-performance zen-like meditation!

Fantastically fronting the Fabulous Drag Queens we meet throughout “Workhorse Queen” are Mrs. Kasha Davis ( Ed Popil), and her husband of 14+ years, Mr. Davis. The couple’s 2 young daughters appear in some brief cameos. Their family is completed by the family’s dogs. One of their dogs, in my humble opinion, has a future in scene-stealing.

Full disclosure, Mrs. Kasha Davis was in Season 7 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. She may have disappointed herself after being asked to ” sashay away” after Week 5, but I think, all things considered, Mrs. Kasha Davis and her drag queen crew/ family saved their best for all of us. Much love and respect to Ru Paul, you’ll need it as you eat your heart out, Ms Ru!

You really want to organize a watch party to see this gem of a Drag Queen Diva’s family film. After a long dark night of COVID19, do your heart a favor and run, carefully in those stilettos, missy, and go see Workhorse Queen. These divas serve up some of the best and brightest fabulousness– for your pleasure. “Workhorse Queen” will screening at Calgary Underground Film Festival from April 23 to May 2, 2021.

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