Review of “Everything: The Real Thing Story”

Something for everyone, See “Everything – “The Real Thing Story” as soon as you can!

By Vernon Nickerson 

Wow! Who knew? 1976- America turned 200. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic (pond),

“Everything – The Real Thing Story” was making history and breaking barriers. A rabid pink-skinned racist’s rant opens a film about the greatest Black British band that most Americans never knew existed. To really appreciate the achievement of band mates Chris Amoo, Dave Smith, Eddie Amoo, Ray Lake, Kenny Davis and the village that came together around the first Black British band to score a number 1 hit, it is important to note that their was no Black British Berry Gordy* or Motown to be the wind beneath their wings. However, their was a strongly supportive Black British community and Caucasian men and women who gave them a career that spanned over 5 decades from 1962 to 2021. Actor Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones) narrates beautifully just enough to let the Real Things story emerge and engage the audience.

Paul McCartney and his 3 mates ( The Beatles) were instrumental in The Chants which were the muse and inspiration for Eddie Amoo, singer/ song writer. One of their early hits was ‘ Man Without A Face’. The filmmakers deftly pay tribute to the Chants and take the time to tell their story. This tribute/ bio establishes the lineage of what would become ” The Real Thing”.

My wish for this masterfully written and compelling musical history story is that it is screened widely within the film festival circuit and picked up by one or more of the 21st century’s streaming services for as wide an audience as possible.

The temptation is to share the socio-historical highlights deliciously and lovingly packed into this fine “story behind the music”. If you are a music history and or history buff, you must see this film. I would also encourage you to let the story lead you to curate a full- immersion into the music of The Real Thing after you watch the film.

The wonderful thing that is available because of technology is the fact that you can hear Black British songwriter-singers, groups and soloists on YouTube , Amazon, and Spotify.

One could only hope that each member of The Real Thing would be honored with the OBE honorific while they are still performing and spreading joy whenever they sing.

Go see it for the story; make a night of it by listening to their music.

*[With all well-earned respect,, Mr.Gordy and his house of powerhouse trailblazing Black music icons are mostly retired.]

“Everything – The Real Thing Story” is available starting February 12 in Virtual Cinema in the U.S. and Canada.