Mother’s Day Memories- A Film by Bill Hoversten

“If I ever forget who you are, will you still love me?”

By Vernon Nickerson

The power of film to illuminate and educate the audience shines throughout “Mother’s Day Memories”, a short feature film currently selected for eight international film festivals. The tight ensemble cast hits all the right notes to convey the slow erasure of the multiple lives impacted when a parent is losing their memories due to Alzheimers. Bill Hoversten packs every word, every gesture, and every scene of his film with the feelings and emotions of a devoted father(veteran actor CONRAD BACHMANN, a loving son ( Bill Hoversten), a supportive spouse (KAT KRAMER) and his lonely and grieving mother, (actor JODY JARESS in a perfectly-pitched portrayal). As is sadly too true in the lives of Alzheimer’s patients, time and this film pass too fast before everything fades to black.

“Mother’s Day Memories” engages us completely and is gone too soon. It poignantly amplifies the deep and fleeting memories of family’s struggling with Alzheimers.

To every daughter or son who has a prompting to phone home and or visit if you live in within driving distance after seeing this film– phone home; visit and practice social distancing! As a man of a certain age who has lived over 3,000 miles from friends and family since 1981, I can guarantee that any telephone and or face-to-face visits to someone who is elderly and or ill will be greatly appreciated and can give you as much or more piece of mind as the loved one you are visiting. To expound upon a message that speaks to the heart of its audience: when you really love someone, you never really forget that you love them as you hold that love in your body and soul. See this film anywhere it is screened, Have a virtual dinner party and watch Mother’s day Memories with people you love.

 “Mother’s Day Memories” was qualified and in contention to be nominated for an Academy Award in the Live Action Short Film category for the 2021 Academy Awards.

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