Phil Spector – Genie In The Genius

By Stephan Pisko

The sound that bounced off the wall was pure genius perceived on a different dimensionally vibrating level than most other mental spheres’. Artistic mood and/or talent always rides a constant tightrope borderline that flicks (off and on) between “insanity plus fantasy” this is the (genie gestalt): similarity – continuation – closure – proximity – figure/ground – symmetry/order in addition to a newer (psych principle) such as “common fate”.

Genius is a “wild child” that appears somewhat normal if not aggravated it is a “psycho pressure” reaching a baleout point but hardly understands (or) knows when or where that coordinate is located even if it is a “spatial semblance” existing anywhere from illusion to intellect.

Depending upon the creative intensity some minds’ actually visit this “remarkably ridiculous room” but identity has no idea how dastardly dangerous it really has the potential to power psyche then drifting within behavior mood swings – emotions – feelings – it cleverly consumes by addicting “desire and dreams”.

When you think of (Phil Spector) one sees similarity (eccentric) – continued (non stop) – closure (none after) – proximity (artistic area) – figure/ground (strong but insecure foundation) – symmetry/order (wall of sound artistry magic) and the last but not least of all genie’s traits that is: “common fate” unfortunately this usually runs along side unexplainable genius a fate that is so common to artists’ that possess the attributes’ of one genie that visited the room to partake within “insanity plus fantasy” over and over again the forever addiction of desire and dreams’ the mixture of producing no self reality.

The “genie” likes the surf it waves (in/out) an artist’s task is to creatively capture the wave for as long as artistry can hold it before it fades out to sea! Most minds’ don’t even know their aware of genius “something very special” until it evaporates: “Oh! What was that?” a comet’s creativity trail says: “it was here!” Spector’s sound wall announces: “He was here!” Whenever Ronnie screams; “Be my baby – Be my little baby!” The genie sound again bounces off the wall forever!

Footnote: Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was very influenced by Spector when he first heard the song “Be My Baby” on the radio he was driving his car he immediately pulled his car over and exclaimed: “Holy crap! What was that?” This “wall of sound” that Phil Spector created injected a passion within Brian Wilson to go on to create “Good Vibrations” that was to be a musical masterpiece statement just like the great Spector songs’ the “genie in the genius” musical masterpieces!