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40+ Film Industry Influencers Hold Forth but Hold Nothing Back!

Unique Virtual 3-D Program Runs December 3-6 in Los Angeles and Worldwide;

Panel Discussions, Keynotes, Coffee Times, Happy Hours, Industry Networking and Media Events Crowd Festival Program

AMBASSADORS: Filmocracy’s event schedule is built on the credentials of the more than 40 (and counting) members of its Ambassador Program. They include filmmakers, financiers, technologists and industry executives from around the world, who will lead, share, teach and entertain festival goers. (list in formation in alphabetical order as of November 27, 2020). See full bios here:

  • Zack Book: Manager and producer, All Trades Content
  • Tiffany Boyle: Financier, packager, attorney
  • Jeff Dowd: Producer, consultant, “The Dude.”
    Jon Fitzgerald:
    Festival Director, consultant, and executive,
  • Jasper Grey: Manager and producer, Vendetta Group
  • Rob Hardy: Writer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur Filmmaker Freedom
  • Daniel Harlow: Technologist and marketer, Bunker 15 Films
  • Bobby Hoppey: Independent producer and consultant, Everlast Pictures and Complementary Colors
  • Tana Jamieson: Senior Vice President, A+E Studios
  • Paul Jun: Founder and CEO, Filmocracy
  • Carmen Knox: Literary manager, producer and entrepreneur, In Dreams
  • Michael Kuehnert: Director of Acquisitions and Sales for doc distributor The Video Project
  • Mark Litwak: USC Adjunct Professor and Entertainment Attorney
  • Jason Lubi: Manager/producer, First Story Entertainment
  • Lela Meadow-Conner: Director, Film Festival Alliance and founder of non-profit
  • Brian Newman: Brand consultant, Sub-Genre
  • Erik Pence: Karma Media holdings and Walla
  • John Hilary Shepherd: Writer/producer
  • Christiana Santos: Distribution executive, MGM and Annapurna
  • Daniel Schnider: Head of Originals, Vix (neé Pongalo)
  • Julian Silver: Actor/Producer
  • Josh Spector: SVP Acquisitions, Vertical Entertainment
  • Lee Stobby: literary manager and producer, Lee Stobby Entertainment
  • Nathan Sutton: Actor/Filmmaker
  • Jeffrey Winter: The Film Collaborative
  • Viviana Zarragoitia: Film financier, Three Point Capital

FILMOCRACYLAND: Filmocracy pass holders, audience members and filmmakers will have an opportunity to engage and explore at the Talent Summit in Filmocracyland, a virtual village the festival organizers have engineered to promote networking and mentorship. In addition to the scheduled industry programs, festival audiences can join filmmakers for the Q&A’s at the Virtual Summit.

Panel Discussions: From the early stages of movie ideas to script development, from production to distribution, the festival will present seven or more panels, allowing time for audience participation in each. Current panels scheduled are:

Advancing Your Career through Representation

How do you know when you’re “ready” for representation? What does a representative do? What’s the difference between a manager, an agent, and a creative producer? What do reps look for in clients? We’ll discuss these topics and more.

Thursday December 3, 11:30am

  • Zach Book
  • Carmen Knox
  • Jason Lubin
  • Lee Stobby

Moderator: Jasper Grey

Development & Packaging

It starts with an idea, and then other elements come together, from writers and directors, to production partners and actors. This panel explores the early stages of the process, in many cases, before a first draft has even been completed.

Thursday December 3rd, 10:00am

  • Tiffany Boyle
  • Bobby Hoppey
  • John Hillary Shepherd
  • Viviana Zarragoitia

Moderator: Jasper Grey

Distribution in the New Era

Film distribution continues to evolve and windows continue to shrink. As pipelines expand, producers are faced with challenging questions that will have to be answered before they can reach their target audiences.

Friday December 4, 11:30am

  • Christiana Santos
  • Josh Spector
  • Erik Pence
  • Jeffrey Winter

Moderator: Jon Fitzgerald

Marketing to your Audience

Often overlooked by independent filmmakers, it’s the marketing strategy that will make or break the success of any project or brand. From key art and festival initiatives to social media and grassroots niche campaigns, entrepreneurial strategies are now more important than ever.

Friday December 4, 2:30pm

  • Rob Hardy
  • Justin Giddings
  • Dan Harlow
  • Lucy Rendler-Kaplan

Moderator: Brian Newman

What Writers and Directors Look For

Saturday December 5, 10:00am

  • Sunny Vascher
  • Julian Silver
  • Nathan Sutton
  • Leilani Downing

Moderator: Vinay Bhagat

The Microbudget Road to Distribution

Thursday December 3, 2:30pm

  • Sean Kenealy (In Action)
  • Eric Silvera (In Action)
  • Scott Vickers (Matriarch made for 35k and sold to Lions Gate)

Moderator: Paul Jun

Festivals in the New Era

Sunday December 6th, 10:00am

  • Lela Conners-Meadow
  • Justin Giddings
  • Chris Gore
  • Jon Fitzgerald

Moderator: Paul Jun

Coffee Time & Happy Hours: Passholders, ambassadors and festival filmmakers will have an opportunity to network, share ideas and explore future collaborations, during am Coffee Time in the Filmmaker Pavilion, taking place daily December 3-6 8:00-10:00am and during Happy Hours taking place daily from 5:00-7:00pm in the Saloon.

Q&A’s: Live online Q&A’s with filmmakers before the public will follow the scheduled presentations of as many of the films as possible. See film schedule for dates and times. They will also be archived for audiences to play in the VOD Theatre.

Tickets: are on sale NOW with multiple pass options. The All-Access VIP Pass costs $99.00 and includes entry to all festival screenings, events, panels, coffee and happy hours and mentorship. Other ticketing options include the Industry Pass for $45 and Day Passes at $25 per day.