Artistic Atmosphere

By Stephan Pisko

Atmosphere pulls artists’ into something tragic. If they are insecurely plastic not contented basically within an “unpure state” a creative cleaning process must be undertaken to render “artistic purity” a totally contented secure honesty “expressing the expression” not a contaminated carbon copy of atmosphere where the artist can create literally anywhere anytime.

A”special atmosphere” is not required as a creative crutch although it “helps to be in hell” as a minor creative process inspiration a “chamber that poses a tension”, but the artist is not aware of this tightness it’s very much like (positive & negative) giving the physical impression they work together just because your vehicle starts in the morning this process has been a “forced ordeal” very much like the creative process a similar “forced ordeal”. giving the physical impression the process has commenced, but not working together this is the tension “pure artistry” lives with waking and sleeping anywhere anytime no deadlines’ no pressures’.

A pure artistry has a “strength of integrity” unconcerned with cosmetic charades’ undiluted solitary, but social when it wants intellectually interesting sheltered intellect for pasteurized purity.