Reminding Gardeners To Water In Hard Times

By Jannie Vaught

For many gardeners, the simple fact is we are watering to keep out vital fruit and shade trees alive. The perennials like grapes and berries are looking tired and the many fall producing plants like sweet potatoes and the pepper plants are needing irrigation to get them through to some rain. Yesterday I opened the saved rainwater hoping they will make it and make seed. I always wait until August to use rainwater.

Today I opened the Almanac and looked up the prediction for our area summer 2020.

It said cool and damp!

Big Oops!

It is Very Hot and drought.

The same seems to be most everything this year. It’s like you are driving down the well-known street and suddenly someone throws the car into reverse. And suddenly the traveling is going backward at full speed. Nothing makes any sense right down to the garden. It is a very difficult garden season, many had an infestation of grasshoppers and aphids. Then the heat, then no rain. It was a question every morning as I walked out the door as to what was wrong now. But true to the garden spirit, you just keep going. Face each day in the moment, see what needed to be taken care of the most and be thankful when you got to work in a little shade.

I always work a season ahead. and then I remember that the Fall garden is the best. I got out the Vegetable Garden Planting Guide and looked up Aug.. it was mostly blank. Then September and it is full of what to plant. So get out the garden planner and start a plan. It is always Roots and Shoots. Root vegetables and Greens of every type. This is a good time to go through the seed storage and find what needs to be used, what needs to be bought, or collected at the local Seed Library. Call the local nursery and find when they will have their transplants for fall. Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Swiss Chard. For direct seeding, Collards, and Kale. Even lettuce when it cools. Radish along with Spinach and don’t forget to plan the Garlic bed. As the heat and the harvester ant slow down you can broadcast or direct seed wildflower seeds. I wail till after we get some rain and there is a little moisture in the soil and the Thieving ants’ slowdown. They are working hard right now storing up for winter and they are packing off the bird and chicken feed like a conga line.

It is Texas, time for a glass of tea and a plan for next month, but I wish the car would go back into drive soon as it makes my neck sore trying to drive anywhere in reverse.

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