Pot Luck film A Fresh, Versatile Perspective On The Cannabis Industry

By Joanna Panayi

From Emmy-nominated and award-winning filmmaker Jane Wells, Pot Luck, is a 3 Generations production narrated by Robin Quivers. This documentary takes us on an enlightening adventure across the Colorado state, exploring the normality of the legalization of cannabis.

Pot luck is an insightful analysis of the legalization of cannabis’s direct, cultural, and structural impacts on society. The documentary focuses on the pros and cons of the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry.

This film offers a fresh, versatile perspective on the accessibility of cannabis, and the ease of obtaining cannabis products. Despite the legal age being 21, there is still a danger of marijuana being too accessible to minors. With the illegal cannabis market on the rise in Colorado, it has become evident that the legalization of cannabis has not helped decrease criminal activity, and has overwhelmed judicial officials in maintaining a structured, safe environment for locals. Without some cannabis products being FDA approved, the contamination of cannabis remains at high risk. With only a few individual states in America being legalized, it has become incredibly difficult to regulate cannabis in the justice system and the economy.

Pot Luck does an impeccable job of highlighting racial profiling’s role in the accessibility and the criminalization of cannabis. This documentary reveals the inequality of people of color by exposing the capitalization of minorities in the cannabis industry and the criminalized consequences of cannabis use. The factual evidence provided in Pot Luck gives an essential perspective to viewers, highlighting the discriminatory politics of cannabis.  However, this documentary does not primarily focus on the negative impacts of cannabis. Pot luck informs viewers of the positive effects on those who have benefited from the legalization of marijuana. Cannabis offers robust health benefits that can help many common diseases and syndromes. Many people rely on cannabis as a pleasure, relief, or painkiller.

When watching Pot Luck, viewers will meet a diverse cast of farmers, businessmen, doctors, bud tenders, barbers, and cops that offer an enlightening well-rounded perspective on the effects of the regulation of cannabis has in the state of Colorado.

There is no doubt that marijuana is a substance that can help people in various ways. When it comes to the commercialization of cannabis and its wealth, marijuana can be deceitful and destructive.

This documentary emphasizes that the regulation of cannabis is under-researched. Viewers will leave with an informed perspective on the legalization of marijuana and the future of the cannabis industry.

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