The Wind Is Being Problematic Along With The Red Dust From Africa

By Jannie Vaught

For those of us who are outside early and late there is a bit more grainy grime on the leaves and tomatoes. also, the wind seems to remove any soil moisture as soon as it touches the ground even with deep mulch to hold the water. Last week I came across a new book at our Library here in LLano Texas. Gardening with Grains by Brie Arthus author of The Foods cape Revolution. It has praise from the likes of Chip Hope, director, Appalachia State University, Joe Lamp’l PBS “ Growing a Greener World” And Jere Gettle owner Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. For us garden and seed nerds, this is good reading. It begins with her grain story and intertwines with what arebgrai9ns? the history of humans and grain and ancient grains to modern-day cultivation. This book brings grains back to the garden. I have grown small patches of wheat, barley, and rye. Have saved seeds for now 4 years and always enjoy when the long beards show their faces. If you haven’t considered a few rows of grain in your garden consider this a trial of diversity.

We are in a grass prairie, and wheat and grain are members of the grass family and is a welcome guest. I have sown a few rows here and there through the property and find they are happy to cohabitate with flowers and shrubs. Over the last several years I have noticed a steep decline of Lightening bugs. With over planting a cover crop and not mowing lower thatn6 inches the other night we were treated to a lightning bug show. Through the tall cover crop of black oil sunflowers that are the shade and protection of 4 young trees on the Hot east side. Along with bees so heavy with yellow pollen. I had a surge of Hope for the recovery of our pollinators.

Simply by planting some flowers and not mowing too often or to close to the soil. For me, June is now The Lightning Bug month! And about the book she has a she has a section for some excellent recipes, we recommend the GRS Ginger Rum and Sourgum coolies.

Growing green and enjoying books with Jannie