DisGraced: A Humorous Take On Everything Wrong With Entertainment Industry

By Sanyukta Thakare
DisGraced is unexpectedly fun and raw, just as the leading character Grace Greene. The 8 part show follows Grace several years after her big break which turned out to be a dud, despite the immense fan following for her film. The best part is, DisGraced is an episodic series, we are not watching Grace struggle but, watching her react to all that has been happening to her all these years. She really seems to have hit rock bottom in the first episode, but by the end, you realize it’s not her who is the problem.
We meet Grace as a middle-aged woman still following her dreams, she often gets called for odd roles in films and shows, while her partner from her big film gets to live the big dream as the superstar. The show also comments on the sexism and hypocrisy dwelling in the entertainment industry, while both actors were equally part of the nude scene, it was only Grace who got shamed and unfortunately was never hired for a serious role again.
Grace can also be seen struggling mentally because of the stress but often stays professionally trying not to hurt her reputation any more then it already has, taking in all the humiliation by other agents, staff and actors. She has worked hard enough and knows every tactic in the industry but time and again fails to land the perfect job, no matter what she does she will always be the actress who once had a bright career. Everyone around her is moving forward in life, but Grace hasn’t given up, not in her personal or professional life.
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