“Adventure Boyz” Is About Surfing The Real World More Than The Virtual One

By Sanyukta Thakare
“Adventure Boyz” will take you on an innocent bike ride down the familiar path, reminding you of the happy old days. But ex motorcycle speedway champ Mike Harris, does not have the same carefree experience in the story. We meet Mike who has given all his life to his passion and hopes his kids will do the same, but when he finds them glued to their screens, he wants to give them the same chance at adventure he had as a child.
The film is a new-age story about living out your summer the right way, even if things go wrong and out of hand you learn and move forward. Adventure Boyz is bound to speak to the new generation more than any other family film. Because of the thrill and drama that it brings along with the everyday adventure to make the young audience more excited to leave their screens behind at home. We see Sam and Jake, ride through their neighbourhood often and it makes you want to go on a walk outside almost immediately, the beautiful and picturesque back drop is just as helpful.
Howard J Ford’s direction is sure to remind you the film is about the good that everything leads to, and how it brings the family together. Having the eldest son, Sam narrate the story didn’t mean the audience gets a child perspective, it is just as insightful as any adults would have been. Children are more sensitive and bound to notice more than, adults often think, and that adds a deeper layer to the film as things go sideways, with the kids on the run from the cops trying to prove their father’s innocence.
The children’s film does make you leave behind the adults perspective on things, but it’s for the best, as it retains the childlike innocence of the story throughout.
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