Unconditioned Thought – Elixir Mind Discipline


By Stephan Pisko

To pass through this endless mental conditioning is a ‘point of non-thought’ where conditioning can never corrupt (or) infect pure thought unaware of past experiences that the mind is a slave to this ‘passing point’ is all knowing before the existence of time and space.

In zen meditation it is referred to as a ‘blank mind’ to place the mind before all of this ‘conditioning was concocted’ by human minds’ with over productive goals and over achieving ideas. Thinking is ‘doing’ that is what the mind is constantly aware of a mental wheel revolving around a ‘doing duration’ that seems to be a temporary solution to this repetitive activity. The mind thrives on a ‘curtain of complexity’ but when the curtain opens via unconditioned thought there lies ‘sparkling simplicity’ refreshingly robust but completely free for the taking to all those who have discovered by not ‘looking at’ but ‘seeing through’ not looking for it but finding it with no effort no exertion. Simplicity is the open gateway to non-thought (or) an all knowing and when we communicate we openly ‘confront a conditioned mind’ where honest dialogue cannot be given birth.

The more a human being can be detached from ‘mainstream conditioned thought’ the more you can see a ‘clear light on truth’ the way it actually is. The global elitist wants human beings’ to have no idea of any ‘disposable value’ whatsoever so they can dispose of literally anything without any emotional feeling attachment this is the inspiration of our current times.