It Is That time Of Year

By Jannie Vaught,

It is that time of year when the cold fronts blow in then it warms up and all my garden plans are on hold till that pesky soil temperature reaches 60. My living room is full of Tomato and Pepper starts under lights, most of the soil and garden preparations are ready and wouldn’t you know the dang weeds are already showing up.

Yes, time to take stock. February and March planting: Through Feb Artichoke crowns or transplants. Asian greens, Asparagus crowns, Beets through March, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and Cabbage through

February, Carrots through mid-March, Cauliflower through February, Swiss Chard transplants and seeds through April, Cool greens through March. Kale seeds and transplants through February, Kohlrabi seeds and starts through mid-March. Almost out of time for leeks. Lettuce seed and transplants through mid-March, Mustard seeds and transplants through March. Onions should be in like most of us we do plant till the starts are all in the ground and my fingers aren’t frozen.

Its Potato time! Cut spud to 3 eyes and let them scab over, the cut sides drying out dust with garden sulfur, plant 3 feet apart and 1 foot between, adding garden lime to the soil. Radish through March, Spinach through February, Turnip, and Rutabaga through March No Tomato, No Pepper till Mid March and take your soil temperatures that golden number 60 degrees. If you plant too early they stall and don’t form a good root system, they like warm soil and sunshine. Also in mid-March Corn, Cucumber and Eggplant. Pumpkin, Summer squash, and Winter squash mid-March.

So looking at this Guide it is time to finish the onions tomorrow, Plant some Carrots and make myself a cup of hot tea and bide my time till the weather decides to break and the sunshine arrives with all the goodness this gardener has been waiting for. Spring is fast approaching.

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere is Thursday, March 19 through Saturday, June 20, This Saturday is the Second Back to Basic Fair at the Llano Library, 10 to 5, With a vast array of speakers from solar to rainwater collection. American Guinea Hogs and fermentation. Seed saving and a hands-on area for making zero waste items from wants in our homes. Life skills at its best.

Hope to see you at the LLano Library.

Waiting for the sunshine and Growing Green With Jannie