Bastard’s Road Talks About The Strength To Keep Going, Something that Is Important in today’s time

By Sanyukta Thakare
Bastard’s Road is a journey taken on with no self-interest or benefit. It was meant to be a medium of survival, but instead, it becomes a beacon of love, and hope for so many others. Directed by Brian Morrison, the documentary feature may help many veterans as well as their family members who are in need of inspiration to keep going and getting through each day.

The documentary follows Veteran Jonathan Hancock as he walks for about 5,800 miles around the United States, meeting his fellow Marine brothers and the families of their fallen brothers. On the road alone with its solitude and wisdom to accompany him, Jonathan finds strength in himself to keep going, for his family and his fellow Marine brothers. In times such as today, where war is being fought on different levels, it is even harder to watch these men struggle with their War wounds.

We meet several other Maries through the journey as Jon walks around different states and hear stories about their boot camps, lost brothers, and some personal reflections of what their life has become since back in society.  One of the  2/4 Marines, candidly opens up about having taught right from wrong as kids, which ceases to exist the minute you step into the war zone. And after having done everything, the government accepts them to just come back and pretend everything is ok. Such conversation through the run time almost fills you with tears.

These precious moments that Jon spends laughing, crying and sharing is what makes Bastard’s Road special. However, it is not all rainbows, we get to see some of the darkest moments in Jon’s life then again, the walk has given him time and patience to come to a conclusion and to decide to do better. Towards the end, Jon also talks about hoping his son will understand in the future why is doing the walk and what it meant to him. We often see everyone reminding one another to reach out, to talk and also be there for each other so that they don’t have to love any more of their brothers.

Amid grief 2/4 Maries, also known as “The Magnificent Bastards, found a family bound by their experiences, helping each other to keep going. Brian avoids radicalism, antimilitarist, and keeps the story close to heart and the people who have been through similar ordeals. But to these Marines what matters, is the moment they are together and if everything else fails, they will still have each others’ back.

Bastard’s Road premiered at the 2020 Slamdance Film Festival.

Bastards’ Road – Trailer from Bastards’ Road on Vimeo.