Gem Of A Film

By Steven Buckner

Writer/Director Tammy Minoff’s richly layered, award winning directorial debut “Limerence,” cleverly tips the scales on Hollywood’s approach to a romantic comedy. Women get to see themselves in female lead Rosemary—as complex, independent and real, breaking the stereotypes society has
fed us.

Limerence starts off right away as a romantic comedy with Rosemary (Tammy Minoff) who moves to Venice CA pursues a career in painting. She finds herself falling in love wit an art gallery director Tom played by (Matthew Del Negro). There are elements of the film that really catch the attention of the viewer. There is something for everyone in this film as the characters are relatable in real life. Eventually both Rosemary and Tom find themselves challenged by the stresses of relationships and the challenges that go along with it. To complicate things further, Tom’s best friend May (Jennifer Lafleur) and Donald (Evan Arnold) are a married couple undergoing a difficult time in their relationship. Their relationship also shows Tom and Rosemary that not all things are gravy. Rosemary’s best friend from high school Leo (Billy Aaron Brown) brings more of a comedic element to the film, yet their relationship is stressed when she falls in love with Tom.

I hope that audiences can see a little bit of themselves in the characters and maybe even be inspired to take a risk in their own lives. Tammy Minoff)

Overall the film is very good. The acting is fresh and the characters are very believable and relatable. Although this is a indie film which is not a bad thing, it doesn’t seem like one. The story and themes in the film are universal and have the type of appeal that can cater to a large audience as well. This is filming at it’s finest and is for everyone who is looking to go out and have a good time on a Saturday night! It is a comedy about love and all the ways we screw it up .In “Limerence,” as is true in life, love is the risk.

This independent gem of a film will make its global VOD/Digital & DVD release across platforms everywhere through Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company. “Limerence,” had its world premiered at the Other Venice Film Festival, winning Best Audience Award, before going on to win Best Feature at the SOHO International Film Festival. This richly textured film starts conversations and continues to engage audiences across the most coveted demographics.