The Journey And History Of The Blond Haired Boy

By Monteque Pope-Le Beau

The Amber Light Makes Its US Premiere at Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Q&A With Director Adam Park To Follow Screenings


“‘As might be expected, the inspiration for this film came after a rather enlightening evening spent with Dave Broom at his home.” Director Adam Park

Director Adam Park’s wonderful documentary “The Amber Light” is a story about Scottish whiskey, but the story is much more than that. It is a story that is as varied as the many different whiskeys that are produced in their homeland. Beautifully told by spirits writer and historian Mr. Dave Broom. He weaves together a beautiful tapestry of history, culture and art with a breathtakingly beautiful landscape as a backdrop. Much like when you open a magnificent bottle of wine it is not the wine you are drinking, but the history it holds. It is also true of the whiskey of Scotland.

“I had visited him with the intention of making a shorter documentary, but as I less-than- elegantly made my way home on the train I was utterly certain that there was wider and weirder story to tell about whisky, a wilder story than people were probably aware of.

Exploring what people eat and drink provides a lens to explore culture, history, and people. I believe that whisky does this in a uniquely powerful way – and I think this was a story that Dave had been waiting to tell for some time.

As it moved along, we were able to draw out all the cultural touch-points you see in the film: musicians, distillers, alchemists, writers, farmers, artists, barmen, smugglers and the landed gentry. They all have a role to play in the story of Scotland’s national spirit.” Director Adam Park

“The Amber Light” passes on the oral tradition of the history of Scotland and its people which is rich with community and culture. You don’t simply go to the pub to drink, you go to meet people, listen to stories and if you’re lucky you may hear some wonderful folk songs. To simply drink is to waste an enchanting experience. In a great bottle of whiskey you will find the muse of great poets, artists, writers, musicians and creatives. It holds the soul of the old world while creating a new world with an old soul. Director Adam Park has created a beautiful artistic documentary that should be seen by those who love scotch whiskey, but even more so it should be seen by those that have a passion for life.


“The Amber Light” will debut at the 2020 Santa Barbara film Festival. Wednesday, January 22nd; 2:00 PM at Metro 1 and Friday, January 24th; 5:00 PM, at Metro 1. For tickets you can go here and For more information please Visit the links below:






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