Nino Aldi’s “TRIBES” World Premiere At The 2020 Santa Barbara Film Festival

TRIBES, or, what humankind might accomplish if it only had eleven minutes in a speeding subway car!


By Vernon Nickerson,

TRIBES, directed by the incredibly talented Nino Aldi, is an absolute gem of an emotional roller coaster and a featured short at the 2020 Santa Barbara Film Festival. Full-disclosure, toy guns particularly and toy weapons of any kind in general were forbidden in my family by my father, a Korean War veteran father who had survived the worst that powerful nations armed to the teeth could do to each other.  I loathe gratuitous gun violence in film or television.  All that being said, what Aldi and a stellar cast of performers do with three guns and a powerful and literate script is, by an exquisitely executed series of dramatic twists and turns, FAN-F**KING-TASTIC, PROFOUNDLY MOVING AND FUNNY!

As an educator with an 18-to-22-year-old student population, I immediately want the film and it’s creators to be the center piece of a classroom discussion. I wonder how many lives might be saved and or impacted for the better by having the opportunity to view this perfectly pitched work of art. I really love the fact that TRIBES raises more questions than could be answered in its less than 11-minute run time. As a human being and American citizen so weary of our current politics and often petty social discourse, TRIBES is a welcome breath of fresh air. Note to NETFLIX, HULU: GET THIS FILM, ASAP! Note to my fellow earthlings: GO SEE THIS FILM NOW, then stop and talk about it as if your life depended on having that conversation!


Tribes Clip from Nino Aldi on Vimeo.

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