Monetary Garbage

Stephan Pisko

“Too much money breeds too much disposable waste” this is a major problem “garbage” should NOT be a “billion dollar industry. On the “one hand” the monetary builds cities’ like Dubai a place where human beings’ “could not live” and turns it into a place where human beings’ “can live” then on the “other hand” the monetary imprisons – tortures – uses – kills – human beings’ and planet atmosphere.

It’s still totally controlled women have no rights males’ are in full charge like I mentioned to you this is the “original point” area this is where civilization started on this planet these “types of human beings” know how to do this extremely well then the world followed they were the “biggest domino” the force of that “one big domino” spread the “idea” was used for “culture control” some form of it was used in societies’ everywhere absolutely.

They built “their city” Dubai with “their monetary” in one of the hottest places on the planet then imprison everyone within “their buildings with cells”.