Halloween – Scary or Stupid

By Stephan Pisko

There are two absolutely very monger psychological conundrums’ associated with this once again controlling concept of Halloween it’s awesomely pagan within this very progressive modern planet. You willingly teach you’re children that people will give them nice things (psychological problem #1) and if they don’t get nice things from a person you have every right to perform an outwardly rotten physical action against them which is instigating mental confrontation (psychological problem #2) making them aggressive at an early age. And there’s more …… if you let you’re mind buy into this revolving commercial circle concept that corporations’ are baiting you with – It’s fun ! Really you give them lots of money and mess up you’re wonderful offspring minds’ with indelible psych-issues you tell me how this is fun? What would explosive manufacturers do without this pagan concept of Halloween a week of firecracker heaven … Oops totally forgot about this psychological problem #3 “blowing up things” as if the human mindset needs any help with this hey, it comes conditioning naturally once the embryo is stuck here. What would candy manufacturers’ do without Halloween the millions of dollars spent on those little treats those little messed up youngster fools’ get for being nice, but they can always be mentally forgiven for doing those rotten outwardly actions because their hiding behind their little psychological masks’ which poses another mind threat ‘multiple personality disorders’.

What would costume manufacturers’ do without this useless pagan ritual Halloween? My child’s costume is better then you’re child’s costume breeding ‘costume competition’ sibling rivalry which ‘mars their minds’ forever it’s all about competing issues’ overachieving oscillations make more – do more promoting aggressive behavior see why the results look very familiar within millions and millions of families. What would pumpkin farms do without this ‘orange ball’ brain conditioning ? This color of orange you see time and time again within medieval culture – religious icons, etc. When you see dozens’ of these hollowed out orange balls with a candle lit in the middle of these ‘smiling faces’ I would defy you to tell me that this is not ‘cult ritual’ at it’s most finest!

Halloween is merely ‘pagan worship’ that should of been ceased decades’ ago in addition to all of the critical issues I’ve mentioned in this posting. Back in the ‘old days’ just (10) years past when there were farmers’ to celebrate a ‘good harvest’ now a ‘good harvest’ is depleting you’re wallet making corporations’ richer and you a lot more financially weak possibly more stupid too because no one has gotten it and/or getting it the ‘witches circle’ just keeps turning round and round brewing potent problems that are not useful (or) meaningful to the human condition. Human beings’ are ultimately gluttons for torture punishment they keep coming back for more in full knowing of the eventual outcome never learning anything trust me they wouldn’t make ‘good farmers’ their harvest would be in the lavatory every year ! Halloween was created ‘cutely contagious’ that is part of the brain bait get ‘you’re children’ like good old McDonalds ‘con the kids’ and you’ve ‘hooked the placid parents’.

Paganly pilgrim that is what Halloween is really all about opening up a 17th or 18th century musty book and spinning backwards this is not rocket science kids it’s mental conditioning to the max over and over again every year non-stop …..


You are not alone …..

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