Parental Path Programming

By Stephan Pisko

Parents’ should never ever force their children with ‘parental path programming’ as this stifles any form of intellectual input don’t instigate any such ‘bias brigade’ as this will have a negative harming effect just because the child is considering dropping the sciences’ for the arts’ don’t be alarmed to the conditioning response that the child may be a failure while the thought of ‘you’ as a parent wanting to ‘see your child’ as a medical practitioner instead of a mere artist for this is ‘stereotypical sauntering’ that eventually leads to a ‘dead end dance’ where loneliness is your only parental partner.

Any knowledge that truly belongs to the child will seek to present itself to the child knowledge does not evaporate on the contrary it is left hanging like ‘clothes in a closet’ waiting for an energy to ‘wear them in motion’ the same is true with knowledge. Taking a sincerely unbiased open minded interest in your children regardless of age is extremely important at all times for the intellect to enhance a fertile growth that genuinely belongs to the child the monetary has nothing to do with intellect and/or education in any way this is again ‘society’s salting’ that makes a ‘clear stream undrinkable’.


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