The Reproduction Is The Original  

By Stephan Pisko

The visual artist as a ‘psychologically subliminal’ medium using the camera as a means of creative expression as long as the ‘visual expression’ was not a ‘pre-determined outcome’ via a ‘commercial source’. Because of a ‘no waste value’ factor the visual artist is subliminally forced to use ‘waste’ as a ‘transformed terrain’ of originality. In this current society it is very difficult to truly ‘see the original’ because of the ‘see of reproductions’ consequently the visual artist places a ‘value on waste’ through this polygraphic process where ‘visual waste becomes the original’. The original gets lost ‘through the visual waste’ and within this current society we ‘delete the original and wear the reproductive waste’ as a form of identity within our ‘personality psyche’.

Human beings’ are programed ‘what to see’ a totally controlled perceptual viewing where every visual you’re mind duplicates gets psychologically injected into ‘vision’ 

People really have ‘no idea what they are indeed looking at’!