Apollo 11 Reprises Moon Landing Near Rose Bowl

A Miles Ahead Communications POV

by: James Groth

Apollo 11 The Immersive Live Show Opening Night


Charlie Duke Apollo 16, the Tenth Man to Walk on the Moon


Perhaps we get jaded from Walk-Off Home Runs, Buzzer Beaters and action films so that the magnitude of landing on and returning men from the Moon escapes us. This was not Fantasy Land at Disney,this was the real deal in terms of risk taking. Absolutely, some sports have athletes risking their lives to win a race or boxing match but there are rules to protect and ways to mitigate the risk. By deflation all astronauts are human super heroes for incorporating science and technology with their athleticism, elevating them to MVP status. They put their lives on the line and a three paid with their lives. The Apollo 11 Moon Launch was the ultimate gamble since so many of the primary functions could not be fully tested in advance. And, as bassist Nikki Sixx said to me “I have more technology in my phone than they had going to the Moon”…

July 20th marks the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing. Yes, as expected technology has advanced to that point, but the human element of judgment remains irreplaceable.


Inside the Specially Built Lunar Dome, Pasadena. Image credit: James Groth (2019)


To that point we learn during this Live Show the space capsule’s computers were not powerful enough to land the space capsule and run other essential functions.It took the man with nerves of steel and calmness, naval aviator and test pilot, Neil Armstrong to physically land the craft. Armstrong did so with only seventy seconds left of fuel to determine the landing site. I contend that this was the ‘Ultimate Buzzer Beater’ of all time.

It would have been interesting to watch the coverage of this event as its done now with analytics and cameras everywhere and Neil Armstrong announcing “The Eagle Has Landed.” I don’t think there has been a time that we all felt more proud to be an American then July 20,1969. This major accomplishment was also celebrated world-wide including by the Soviets.


Apollo 11 Rocket Center Stage. Image credit: James Groth (2019)


The closest you will come to the experience of what the Space Race against the Soviets was like in 1969 will be to spend an evening with the twenty member crew that stages Apollo 11The Immersible Live Show. The Live Show plays out in a specially designed 40,000 square foot Lunar Dome, next to the Rose Bowl with 360 degree video and full orchestra score. The Live Show immerses the viewer in the production and is aided by center stage life size rockets. The production runs till August 3rd, then goes on the road to Orange County, CA and Huston, TX with other cities to be named.


Apollo 11 Rocket Lift Off

he story is told by a retired NASA aerospace engineer to his cell phone obsessed granddaughter with the focus also on her deceased mother. It is an uplifting story directed at all ages and will serve as inspiration to youth. Staged in a groundbreaking, purpose-built venue, APOLLO 11 is a truly immersive live show performed by 20 actors under 40,000 square feet of stunning 360° video projection and brought to life by world-class theater design, a full orchestral score and life-size rockets. This family friendly celebration of one of mankind’s greatest achievements takes audiences of all ages on the ride of a lifetime and inspires future generations to imagine what comes next.


11 Rocket at Full Blast Image credit: James Groth (2019)


On the Red Carpet were featured VIP guests Apollo Flight Director, Gerry Griffin and Astronaut Charlie Duke Apollo 16 LMP the tenth man to walk on the Moon. Both looked dapper in their NASA.


Gerry Griffin Apollo Flight Director and Charlie Duke Apollo 16 Astronaut. Image credit: James Groth (2019)


Blue flight jackets. Highlighting the VIP guests was Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 LMP, the second man to walk on the Moon after Neil Armstrong. Buzz was as full of energy tonight as when I spent quality time with him working a Bentley Continental GT event a decade ago. Buzz is now 89 and still brings energy and inspiration. For the 50th year celebration Buzz chose to go with the “Easy Rider” look of the youth in 1969.


Charlie Duke, Buzz Aldrin & Gerry Griffin with Buzz Firing Up the Audience


After the show I met with author Lucas Vigliettli and purchased his Apollo Confidential Memories of Men On the Moon. The Swiss author wrote it in French and fellow author Francis J. French did the translation. Certainly, I would be able to add interesting facts once I have absorbed Lucas’s book. This book is worth its own interview night at Writers Bloc in Beverly Hills. But this opening night was all about the Live Show.


James Groth with Author Lucas Viglietti Image credit: Albert Wong


President John F. Kennedy generally gets credit for giving the go ahead for the Space Project to go the Moon. However, it was the former Supreme Commander of Allied Forces WW ll, President Dwight D. Eisenhower who had given the Space Program the go ahead in the 1950’s. This year marks the 50th year milestone achievement of mankind, the landing and returning men from the Moon. For me this tops the Eight Wonders of the World for achievement,  Super Bowls for excitement and the 24 Hours of LeMans for endurance.

Some wonder what are the benefits of Space travel are. They are actually to numerous to mention here but they affect our daily lives. With all the focus on Climate here is a current example, NASA Earth satellites collect date regarding hurricanes like  ‘Barry’. NASA Earth uses the vantage point of space to increase our understanding of Earth and improved lives for its nearly 32 million followers.


Apollo 11 Space Capsule Landing Center Stage

Relive the adventure of mankind, experience  Apollo 11 The Immersive Live Show!

Apollo 11 Immersive Live Show from Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation on Vimeo.

Apollo 11 The Immersive Live Show  will run from Friday, July 05, 2019  to  Sunday, August 11, 2019 For more information go to https://apollo11show.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/Apollo11show/