Past, Present, Future – Noise, Tension, Anxiety

By Stephan Pisko

If you want to see the “future – present – past” just look at human beings, their anxieties, their movement, their tension, their noise and this is all of that. Look at subliminal slavery (slaves who are virtually unaware that they are slaves). 4.5 billion years ago their existed “stated silence” calmed nothingness then came cell life the invisible variables’ manifested themselves visible via the cell life of (anxiety – tension – movement – noise).

Out of nothingness came a “controlled chatter” an anxiety, a tension, a movement, a noise. This inflated cell life proportions to the extent of what you currently see within this time and environment a very humongous anxiety. Tension, movement, noise all subliminally instructed on what action to perform for the “greater greed gusto” in the doing mind falls captive to routine rituals’ with the “knowingly setup fine tuned”. A devaluation stressing a “lower case” separating the “human being” in halves’ – one half (human) – one half (being) the “higher case” has “chopped the human out of being” bashing, thrashing, trashing filing sandpapering a chilled coldness numbing notoriously with a remote autonomous awareness that is a “thinking track”. You are cognizant of a “suspended animation” you readily refer to as “your life” but a portable paralleled partition is defining “what & who you are” automatically swaying in and out of durational movement we call “time” .

You are fluid, but not going anywhere except through a “hanging hallucination”.