‘Comments From The Canyon’ – The Inaugural ‘Classic Auto Show’ Los Angeles January 27-29, 2017

This article was also published in the Motorsports Report Wednesday, February 1, 2017 By our contributor James Groth

1962 First Production Shelby Cobra “Best of Show Grand Boulevard’ owned by Bruce Meyer. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)

‘Comments From The Canyon’
The Inaugural ‘Classic Auto Show’ Los Angeles January 27-29, 2017
By: James Groth for The English Car Company

Internationally known classic car owner and Founding Chairman of the Petersen Automotive Museum, Bruce Meyer opened the media event for the inaugural ‘Classic Auto Show’ at the Los Angles Convention Center. Bruce’s narration covered the history of each of the stunning black automobiles on display in the ‘Winners Circle’ many from the Margie and Robert E. Petersen Automotive Museum.

1925 Rolls Royce Phantom Aero Coupe by Jonckheere of Belgium from the Petersen Museum. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)
1932 Ford “Roller Coupe” owned by Bruce Meyer. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)

Bruce shared personal stories as well. The most memorable story was about the three thousand trip he and his wife of forty-eight years took in his 1932 Ford “Roller Coupe” from Beverly Hills to Victoria, Canada.This hot rod is truly a period build of the early 1950’s and is without the amenities of a modern hot rod.

Interior of Bruce Meyer’s 1932 “Roller Coupe” hot rod. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)

Light weight materials and design were garnered from World War ll aircraft for this custom built 1932 Ford, even the seats are out of a military plane.  The interior is comfortable per the Meyer’s, but in the sense of early off road vehicles, great for any true enthusiast. The hot rod also has a large enough trunk to carry everything for their adventurous trip.

Gurney Toyota GTP at the Petersen Museum, a similar one was on display at the Classic Car Show. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)

An All Star Team from Velocity TV was in full force at the Classic Car Show LA to hold a number of seminars with Q&A on collecting, restoring, detailing and valuation of collector cars. A number of the Velocity Team also attended the Petersen Automotive Museum event to honor race car driver, designer and team owner Dan Gurney.

Foose Design 1956 Ford F-100 Pickup. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)

Among the Velocity Team I had a word with were ‘Overhaulin’ design legend Chip Foose of Huntington Beach, CA, Car restorer and host of ‘Chasing Classic Cars’ Wayne Carini was in from New England as well as Englishman, Mike Brewer co-host of ‘Wheeler Dealers, all were there to honor the legendary career of Dan Gurney and enjoy the remodeled Petersen, their exceptional collection of Gurney race cars.

1929 DuPont Model G Speedster by Merrimack. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)
1929 DuPont BoatTail Rear End. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)
1941 Chrysler Barrowback Woodie with Chris Craft Canoe ‘Best of Show Grand Boulevard’ owned by Mike Malamut. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)
Custom Built Cross Continental Racer. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)

This is one of two cars built on a fire truck chassis designed for and having competed in cross continental endurance racing. The vehicle weighs 8,000 pounds and has a 14 liter motor. Given the lack of gas stations on these endurance runs the team had to carry five extra fuel cans on the vehicle.

People Choice Award 1956 Austin Healey owned by Bill Hoyt. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)
Number 1 Shelby Cobra owned by Bruce Meyer. Image Credit: James Groth(2017)

The number 1 Shelby Cobra was on display looking better than new. This car did not have a race history but is truly significant by the fact that this 1962 is the first ever production built Shelby Cobra. It’s now is powered by a Ford 289 cid rather than the Ford 260 cid motors installed in the early Cobras. The 1962 Shelby Cobra won ‘Best of Show Grand Boulevard’ for collector Bruce Meyer.

1932 Ford Ray Brown Dry Lakes Racer in Sherwood Green owned by Petersen Museum. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)
A 1950’s Mercury ‘Lead Sled’, one of the many spectacular custom cars from the LA Car Clubs on display. Image Credit: James Groth (2017)

From an attendee experience this first time show put on by Sr. VP Mike Carlucci and his team was a success in terms of the high quality of the show cars and the impressive list of guest speakers from Velocity’s cable shows. The Los Angeles car clubs turned out in full force enabling for an exceptionally diverse collection of European, Asian and American customs and hot rods. The planned date for the 2018 show per Mr. Carlucci is expected to be in March. I wish them continued success and appreciated all who presented their cars or organized this quality event.