Metaphysical Psychological Romance Between The Model And The Photographer

By Stephan Pisko

I must fall in love creatively with the subject (or) object before I can sheer through this ‘unseen mystical barrier’ that lingers between the model and photographic artist it is a trusting serenade into one’s space of fragile vulnerability it is a tapping into an unexplainable playground of psychological and metaphysical treats that tempt the creative urge to explore. It doesn’t matter what gender the artist (or) what gender the model may be this phenomenon still creates ‘itself on it’s own’ to trail creativity’s love affair merging fusing separate dynamic energies’ into a singularity.

Still after (35) plus years behind the camera this mystifying convex never fails to fascinate and time does not exist within this ‘fluid freeze’ of timelessness fossilizing feelings that emit emotion transcending flashes of creative shock dejavu momentary mannequins’ that are allowed to pass through the transparent molecule of atoms. Every artist regardless of mediums’ (or) generations’ knows this destination without ever arriving this destination with no destination the romance joyfully dances to it’s own beat infinitely.