Everything Cannot Be Art – Everyone Cannot Be An Artist

By Stephan Pisko

Everything cannot be art just like everyone cannot be an artist. Sorry to disappoint, but there must exist some basic prerequisites or it just gets to a very absurdly stupid level of artistic belief where there remains no useful creative meaning whatsoever pertaining to the current time and environment.

An ‘artist’s statement’ must be identified ‘standing alone’ for maximum viewer visual impact along with a maximum viewer ‘inner meaning’ that awakens too much of today’s so called art idea is ‘dead weight duds’ devoid of ‘integral stance’ that physically and non-physically displays what the creator actually really thought about the creation put a thinking effort into the piece so the viewer will better understand the true nature of the creation with an accompanying ‘relaxed knowing’ rather than a ‘tense terrain’ unrealistic valued tense terrain runs rampant in this current space time.