Canada Is Going To Pot

By Stephan Pisko

Canada is literally going to pot!

I have been hearing this herb word for (50) years at least of my (65) years living on this “super stupid” global gob it should of been legalized (50) years ago, but the timing would not have been so “right on than right now” it will be so gorgeously good for some and be so brutally bad for others’ dividing the population even further down the middle corporations’ will get rich and some will just be broken (rich & poor) is going to transpire in a very big way seems to me it has all the ear markings’ of “New World Order” segregation – division – separation of the human condition this is precisely what this simple little weed is/will do bring about mass chaos it’s a bigger tease than alcohol you can have it but not too much of it (30g only in public) you must be licensed to grow and sell it (or) the law that doesn’t exist will fine you make you pay ….. We are talking “real reefer madness”.

Pot is just like cigarettes’ was back in the 60’s … Oh it’s not harmful to your health and you can quit at any time until we learn the consequences’ of all of these “monkees’ on our backs” it is a “very addicting” mass population “pleasure and entertainment” based no matter how sick the direction proceeds within this current time and environment the mind moves slow anyways with all of this “cerebral junk” that doesn’t even pertain to your existing activity then they go and legalize this “pleasure plug” pot for all of your pleasurable entertainment needs’ (plug & play) watch all of these foggy brained monkees’ go primal permanently! It’s all about a “controlled pleasurable entertainment” deviation device for isolating “non-intellectual” human beings’ their obviously not thinking before (or) after doing the doobie!

Our “cell country” could certainly see the “big bait & health hook” on this pot prostitution a much more of a deadly controlled phenomenon than nic-sticks! The spoiled schoolboy running this Canadian cell-country was “moved” by something and/or someone to pass this pot perversion through the “setup system” intellectual intuition mirrors this summation the corporate monetary benefits’ will be in the billions’ + rendering other human beings’ broken. Pot is a marvelous “New World Order” tool greatly enhancing: segregation – division – separation of the human mass population plus devaluing health a bonus for pharma giants’. Yes everyone will get a “piece of the pot pie”.