Metaphysical Mastery of Creative Form

By Stephan Pisko

An artist masters an art form when the artist goes beyond the medium of artistic expression called ‘unique creative identity’ breaking away from the ‘see of mass reproduction’. The absolute duty of the artist be it – poet – painter – photographer whatever is ‘to show people something they have never seen or heard before something memorable that the mind cannot ever forget’.

Today the world more than ever in it’s history is in a ‘state of visual phenomenon’ changing and evolving with the technological times bringing the artists’ full turn within a ‘flurry of fusion’ that will produce the most ingenious creative expressions’ ever produced by a human being and doing it so quickly that the mind becomes entranced focusing on the ‘one’ rather than on the ‘thousands’ the cerebral roller coaster is so used to with the ‘conditioned thought processes’ that controls the human mind by human beings’. It is a ‘thinking awareness’ that turns the ‘creative clock’ creating something meaningful for the current ‘time and space’ the current ‘social society ‘who initially grants permission for all art to function. We are living within a totally ‘psychological planet’ with all of the corresponding ‘subliminal buzz words’ that work for the ‘commercial circle’.

Metaphysical Mastery of Creative Form is the ultimate art forum where we have all the ‘energies on the board,’ but not physically knowing where they are ‘supposed to be’ we move them around within this ‘spacial platter’ until the unexplainable decides where and when ‘phenomenon’ will pop up.