You Cannot Be Truthful When You Want To Survive

By Stephan Pisko

You cannot be truthful when you want to survive because your desperate for survival within the physical and professional realms’ so you fabricate “something that sells your wants” something that is morally appealing to the mass population and shines a “favorable light” on you a light of (honesty and integrity) that swarms with warmth. Now you have mass-audience recognition that will assist with “your wants” you’ve done a good job “selling yourself! Untruthfully you still possess a “level of professional integrity & honesty” it’s just not the truth that’s all so your completely confident your not lying you have “your wants” plus you appear to care what “others think of you” even though your untruthful and a bit self-centered, but your still in a safe zone nobody knows (or) do they?

Could everybody else be doing exactly the same thing?

You can only be truthful when you don’t want anything from anyone and don’t care what anybody thinks of you their “thinking of themselves” anyways because they also want to survive too.

When your running after your daily food – paying for your $10,000 per month professional work space – paying for your $2-4 million dollar house mortgage – paying your monthly alimony expenses – it can be very “untruthful physical existing”, but you are surviving successfully!