Passion Of The Pianist

By Stephan Pisko

The piano at the ‘classical level’ is a romantic dance variation an ‘inner hearing movement’ coordinating mind and body within the music at this point there is nothing, but ‘the music’ that’s all ‘you are’ there is no piano – no ‘you’ just an unexplainable entity.  A ‘medium of movement’ with the ‘inner ear’ as the captain. If you become too ‘conscious of the score’ as a pianist physical blockages develop and you ‘freeze within the moment’ like ‘ice that goes inside itself’ you are conscious of the movement inside but the physical blocks prevent outer discourse.

Classical music in it’s highest sense possesses a ‘moody grand splendor’ of it’s own before the pianist melds (or) marries with it to ‘cajole ceremonial orgasm’. This is the remarkable beauty of this ‘special era of sound’ the exactitude of the variations are indeed the frantic freeing of one’s own temperament into a ‘rhythm of time that doesn’t exist’. You are ‘side by side’ with Mozart – Beethoven – etc. you are at their composing table only interpreting within you’re own form and discipline with chart scores’ that path the non-physical this I would call the ‘passion of the pianist’.  Once you are ‘there’ there is nothing else once ‘you’ are revealed these ecstatic notes that transports ‘you’ to a place of ‘painless morphinic pleasure’ the ‘you’ will not want to return from this ‘blissful beauty’.