Underdog Syndrome

By Stephan Pisko

We throw our emotions away cheaply just like the lives we don’t have uselessly you can’t honestly expect anything useful from mainstream employment (or) this commercially fabricated word ‘love’ we don’t understand (or) this other word ‘life’ that no one possesses this is obviously just not thinking we become a victim a low ground sniffing underdog with a syndrome as big as the Houston Dome!

This life we don’t have is custom-designed for ‘back up against the wall’ hope-sitters  wishing for a better subliminally enhanced tomorrow within all of these ‘common constant’ vapona fly-strip catcher words’ (work-love-life) then along comes these divorced professional types on valium (or) prozac (or) both writing a book on how they have all this super-knowledge that empowers you to meet all of these horrendous life’s challenges that were already setup for you as a predestined underdog that you are.

In this age of ‘phenomenological numerical neurosis’ racing against a ‘self clock’ that doesn’t really exist the mind’s programmed idea that the meter will expire then no more parking within this ‘paradoxical pneumonia’ of expected expectations. No ones learns anything through ‘routine rituals’ your an ‘assembly line antichrist’ with hopscotched hopes for a better tomorrow a struggling scratching underdog desperately trying to ‘paw that fly’ before it wings right into that hopeful vapona fly stripping vital glue force.

I really love these human minds’ that think by living in a ‘topical tree’ they have more freedom for this ‘underdog chasing fly’ purpose of life which they feel they all possess along with great amounts of this commercially fabricated word (love) sad to say you are still this ‘fluid mental chained self idea’ who is never satisfied within four walls of honesty & deliverance but at least you know what the purpose of pathetic life you have it’s (love) ….. Oh ! Don’t forget to kiss yourself every morning with all of this ‘self love’ true life’s purpose as it is this is beginning to sound like the aftereffects of an ‘hallucinogenic acid celled dream trip’ of the 60’s here we come ! No matter where you go on this global gob they have your name – your number – you can change your name and your number but you are still the same so start sniffing for a new scent underdog.