Photographic Lucid Spirit


By Stephan Pisko


Within photography we have narrowed our attention to this moment one that has no past (or) future – just the now – we record this moment with a camera – a time machine that renders the moment timeless. A camera records ‘in time’ to take us ‘through time’ it is this timed journey that impels the creative individual to recognizing the incessant for when our thoughts are centered firmly on this moment the attentiveness travails a gist that vaporizes with time and this vaporous essence then travels through the exposure timeless then when the camera comes completely mechanically static this haze wanders as a ‘frozen fossil’ through this timelessness.

Photography is a creative conflux focused on the moment it draws the quintessence that is the individual through an eternal light . Photography is not necessarily the ‘product that evolves’ but the ‘process that transcends’ just as there is mind/body there is also vision/spirit and this insertion through the moment within the photographic image where there is thought – there is energy – where there is energy there must be discarnate duplication – should we seek the vision – the rarefied will naturally follow.

Knowledge covers and extends because there is one intelligence that governs all living things what seems to be split wisdom pertaining to certain factors is indeed the identical knowledge that is a reiteration of this master mentality. I believe through photography one is able to come closer in understanding this intelligence through photographic vision one can well this omniscience that lies within then goes beyond the individual for the image itself.

Photography is experience and it is this nutritious effect of living that stamps the markings this is what is taken to further the travel – the eyes place – the spirit absorbs then duplicates during inventive observation. What the eyes see the spirit has known – what the spirit knows the eyes could never perceive the camera is a window that peers unto a channel – the journey over the flow depends highly on the spiritual clarity of the opening. The eyes dispatch us through this physical impermanence while the spirit is the eternal route.