A Book Review of “Relationships In A Nutshell: A Book For Guys” by Maxine Albright

By: Lori Hoffman


Stepping into the adult world of sexual attraction can be difficult for both men and women, but with careful advice and guidance it can be navigated, leading to fulfilling romance and sex for those with the confidence to go out and meet people. With the hope  of helping people along the way to understanding the female mind, with relationship advice and guidance for young men and the women they want to charm.

“Relationships in a Nutshell – A Book for Guys”by Maxine Albright is a short nonfiction book not only for guys, but also for girls who want to understand their relationship or relationship potential with guys. Guys who are entering or re-entering the dating world definitely need to consult this reference, as do guys having relationship issues. It covers topics such as hygiene, ambition and intimacy. The major underlying theme for both guys and girls in a relationship is good communication and understanding each other’s needs.

“Relationships in a Nutshell” delivers the lowdown on sexual attraction in the adult world.

Watch Maxine Albright talks to Brian Sebastian about  here book”Relationships In A Nutshell” in the videos below.