2016 Slamdance Film Review ” MY ENEMIES”


By: Alystar McKenneh-O’Neill

I would not have been surprised to find the characters dressed in 1900’s period clothing because it feels like a period piece. A good choice made by Director Stephane Gehami to perhaps bring us closer to the frame of mind of the lead character Isabelle, played by Louise Marleau, who finds her last chance at love with the young poet/novelist Cedric, played so eloquently by Frederic Lemay.  The emotional content drips thickly like honey, and there are times that I wish it would move faster because the emotional intensity is too heavy to watch for long, but it is a beautiful story everyone can relate to.

 Every aging human being, while craving the return of youth, reaches out and drags their fingers or sometimes immerses themselves fully into the river of youth flowing past them. Perhaps hoping the youth they touch won’t notice the wrinkles, but will instead spread some of their own youth onto us or at the very least take some of our lessons with them.

 This is such a movie, and the final lesson is one to be heeded before the energy to live life fully, is extinguished.