2016 Slamdance Film Review: “DEAD HANDS DIG DEEP”


By: Alystar McKenneh-O’Neill

WOW! If you ever wonder how the other, darker side lives, watch this documentary. Director Jai Love exposes the very bloody, hard core community of deathrock, as he examines the self destructive life of Edwin Borsheim from the band Kettle Cadavers.
Edwin Borsheim makes Charles Manson look like an amateur as he walks us through his years of self degradation, self mutilation and the bizarre attraction he possesses that draws people into his life looking for just the same sort of dark antics to heap upon themselves.
Jai Love takes us unapologetically into a world most people only have hints of in their nightmares. Even in it’s very fragmented way this documentary continues digging to expose the guts and in some unintended way helps us understand what elements turned Edwin and his disciples in this direction.
“Dead Hands Dig Deep” screened at the 2016 Slamdance Film Festival.
Dead Hands Dig Deep 1h 15min 
Director: Jai Love
Writers: Spencer Heath, Jai Love

For more information go here   https://www.facebook.com/DeadHandsDigDeep/