An Easy Way to Grow Potatoes


By: Jannie Vaught

How many ways are there to plant potatoes?

Well about as many as you can imagine?

Today we will cover planting in barrels, pot’s and bags. For someone with limited space growing potato’s for a few summer meals is possible. First decide the variety you want to grow. Then the way you want to grow. You will need a sunny place with a water supply. When these are planted they are very heavy and not easily moved.

I have done barrel potatoes and failed!

I did it all wrong. First I used a very large barrel and then it got to hot in mid summer and literally cooked the poor things. So maybe a semi shady area here in Central Hot Summer Texas is something you need to consider. Here is what I have learned.

A small 25 gallon lick bucket with holes drilled in the sides is good.

You can also use a large feed sack rolled down to about 2 foot high or so, or good old 5 gallon bucket .

You can use recycled coffee bean bags or burlap bags also.

Make sure there are drain holes drilled in the sides and if using a feed bag cut holes for drainage.

Now use a good soil compost mix.

You can even mix in some garden soil. Fill your container 6 inches place prepared seed potatoes about 3 or 4 in a circle now cover with 3 inches of soil pat down and water through. Keep them damp, not soaking wet. and they will start to sprout. When they reach about 6 to 8 inches add more soil about half way up the leaf. Then keep damp and also use a liquid feed about every 6 weeks. Keep adding soil as they grow . They will grow up through the soil. They will flower and produce potatoes under the soil. When the leaves and stems turn brown and fall over let them set a few more day’s so the skins can harden. Place a tarp next to your planter and tip it over!

Save all that soil!

Harvest those spuds and begin cooking! I can’t wait and have begun my preparation of bags and tubs. The lights and planting trays are out and the seed are going in this week inside the house. We are in the 60 day’s till spring area and time to get outside and think of your next garden.

Growing green with Jannie and hope you are too!