Anthony Figueroa: A Man of Strength and Honor


Filmmaker Anthony Figueroa
Filmmaker Anthony Figueroa

By Monteque Pope-Le Beau

In a perfect world there would be equality. There would be no suffering because everyone would have a multitude of opportunities. The world would be a different place where people were kind to one another and our most precious resource, our children would always be safe; but that’s not how the real world is. The reality is there are parts of society that are so dark you can’t imagine being touched by it or knowing anyone who has been. As the child abuse scandals arose from the Catholic Church to Penn State all society could do was look on in horror as the details started to unfold. There are stories now being told that were unable to see the light of day until now. Stories like the film “Spotlight”. A powerful film by Director Tom McCarthy. Based on the riveting true story in 2001 when editor Marty Baron of The Boston Globe assigns a team of journalists to investigate allegations against John Geoghan. An unfrocked priest accused of molesting more than 80 boys. Led by editor Walter “Robby” Robinson the reporters made it their mission to provide proof of a cover up of sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church. One would never think there was a story in their backyard that was just as powerful and heartbreaking but for me that is what happen.

For years I’ve been going to the Sundance Film Festival and I have met quite a few wonderful people who have grown to become long time friends. One of those friends is Anthony Figueroa. Anthony Figueroa who is self made came from New York; rising up through the hip hop dance scene to become a actor, screenwriter, aspiring producer, and artist. He is the kind of person that you want to hang out with and get a beer. Who always has a great story to tell and a wonderful smile that lights up the room. Anthony is a man of honor, character, integrity, but most importantly he is a man who has survived the worst society can do to a person and came out on the other side. He is a survivor. He is also a volunteer for the Sundance Film Festival. Each year I always make it my mission to go visit him and see what he has been up to during the year. It’s our way of catching up. What project he’s working on and what scripts I have been attached to, but that all changed when he talked about his latest project “On My Honor, The Order of the Arrow”​. I was anticipating a nice fireside chat about what was going to be the most courageous film project I had heard of. What unfolded was something totally unbelievable, but very much true. Just like with “Spotlight” this story is one that needs to be told so here in Anthony Figueroa very own words is his story.

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