Farhad Jafari Kiasaraei: An Artist Of Inter Contemplation


It seems there is no relationship between this course and painting and drawing, but in reality nothing is separated from these two at all.  Farhad Jafari Kiasaraei


Farhad Jafari Kiasaraei was born in a very beautiful and green city which is in the north of Iran named “Lahijan”. He feels his existence belonged to no special time or place during all of his life time. He could remember, feeling an incredible artistic ability suddenly and being surprised a lot. Farhad Jafari Kiasaraei needed to corroborate this unknown talent, it seemed; he had corroborating, watching and analyzing, but reach no result for many years, so he started painting. His thought was “I’m well into painting and it would be simple for me because of my craftsman family.

Farhad Jafari Kiasaraei started his opuses with drawing with colored pencils and then continued by using watercolor, gouache and now the technic of color and oil on the textile. Drawings and paintings in Farhad Jafari Kiasaraei collection are based on his personal beliefs.

I think this collection is a small part of my thoughts that I could performance and if I try from now until thousand years later I could never go over of my touts, because our human existence will be meaningful just in this situation and if the brain permits itself to go beyond this frame then… Farhad Jafari Kiasaraei

Farhad Jafari Kiasaraei held 4 individual and gregarious fairs in his own city group and a few solo exhibitions. As a result of the showings which were a great success, Farhad Jafari Kiasaraei decided he should immigrate to another city, so he moved to Tehran.

Lahijan (2005,2006)”
Rasht (2007)”
Solo exhibition“ Tehran (2009,2010)” and
solo exhibition,Lisbon“Portugal (2011)”

Farhad Jafari Kiasaraei is the winner of Picasso Self Portrait Art Contest Winter 2011

Along With being a part of “International Surrealism Now”:

Lisbon, Portugal, 14-11-2013 — From November 30 to January 4, 2014, The Roque Gameiro House, in Amadora , Lisbon, hosts the “International Surrealism Now” (conceptualized by Santiago Ribeiro . The event features artworks from 29 countries.)

Lisboa, Portugal, 01 Nov 2013 – “International Surrealism Now”

COIMBRA, Portugal, Dec. 16, 2014

“International Surrealism Now” in France, Brazil, USA, Spain (2013-2014-2015)


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