A Review Of “All About E” A Simplistic Lesson In Self Acceptance

Mandahla Rose (left) and Julia Billington (right) in ALL ABOUT E - Photo courtesy of Wolfe Video

By: Monteque Pope-Le Beau

What does it take for someone to stop running from themselves and face who they are? How hard can it be to step up and be your true self without fear or worry of what others may think about you let alone your family? Sometimes it may be harder than one might think! In the film “All about E” E played by the stunning Australian actress Mandahla Rose is hiding in the shadows and trying to appease everyone and in the end she is losing herself.

E is afraid to come out to her traditional Lebanese parents, mostly her mother played by Kim Antonios-Hayes who is very judgmental about E’s life decisions. After finding the love of her life Trish played by Julia Billington who loves her unconditionally; fearing being found out E causes the destruction of their relationship. Downhearted E abandons her once promising musical career as a clarinetist to becomes a person in her heart she is not; a glamorous DJ at one of the hottest clubs in Sydney, where she loses herself in the company of the many faceless beautiful women she meets every night. The cost of her success is her soul at the hands of nightclub owner Johnny Rock played by Simon Bolton. As E spends out of control there’s only her loyal and flamboyant gay best friend Matt played by Brett Rogers to help her. When they find a duffel bag full of money E thinks this is a way that they both can start anew, but they soon find themselves on the run with the beautiful solemn Australian outback landscape as a backdrop. As E and Matt faces the open road with uncertainty the getaway trip turns into a trip of introspection which leads E to come full circle with her ex love and to face her past.

Australian writer, director Louise Wadley has masterfully created a beautiful story of acceptance and love. She delicately weaves the gentle clarinet voice throughout the film as if it is E’s heartbroken spirit singing. Director Louise Wadley has taken the mainstream theme of the crime road trip and skillfully added the realities of the LGBT community along with delightful humor and twists and turns along the way. “All about E” is a is a well done film about discovering who you are and finding the strength to be yourself.

About E was the WINNER Winner of the Jury Award, for Best International Women’s Feature in the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian
Film Festival. “All About E” is available on Wolfe Video here.

All About E  93 min

Director: Louise Wadley

Screenwriter: Louise Wadley

All About E – Original Trailer from Wolfe Video on Vimeo.


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