A Review Of “Me” A Truly Mind Bending Trip


By: Austin Winter-Chase

In the style of Stanley Kubrick with a Clockwork Orange feel director Jefery Levy takes the audience on a psychedelic mind trip of the crazy world that is reality TV. What is real and what is fantasy becomes clearly blurred in this delightfully entertaining and fun film.

In the film “Me” director Jefery Levy plays a delusional eccentric who believes he is the star of his own reality show. Thinking his global ratings are falling, he recruits down and out actress Susan to up his ratings by recasting, rewriting and reproducing his life. Susan casts a group of psychotic actors from Craigslist as Levy’s friends, lovers and staff, and, unbeknownst to Levy, sells a real show to a network about a delusional eccentric who believes he is the star of his own hidden camera reality show crazy world. With an unbelievable cast that includes Molly Ringwald, Sam Trammel, Allison Byrnes, Gina Gershon, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Steve Agee, Michael Des Barres, Nathan Keyes, Jefery Levy, Nathalie Love, Jay Mcinerney, Noah Mills, Julian Sands, and Susan Traylor, “Me” brings to life the  far-fetched and sometimes outrageous scenarios that are crafted from the minds of those who are looking to cash in on the next big thing.

“Me” will make you laugh until you cry and give you an uncanny and humorous insight into the phenomenon that is reality TV. “Me” will screen at the debut of the Real Experimental Film Festival, Nov. 21-28, and run until Dec. 5 at the Laemmle Music Hall Theater. Though the festival ends on the 28th, the daily screenings of  director Jefery Levy’s films “Me” and “The Key” will continue through Friday, December 5th.


“Me” 104 min

Director: Jefery Levy

Screenwriter: Jefery Levy, Susan Traylor