A Review of “The Key” A Deviously Erotic Story Of The Manipulation Of A Marriage

The Key Poster

By: Austin Winter-Chase


THE KEY is an ambitious film, both technically and emotionally, and exactly the kind of film I have always wanted to make. Technology now provides me (and all filmmakers) with the tools to finally fulfill my vision, and I’m so looking forward to what the future holds for us all. Jefery Levy, Director


Jefery Levy’’s 2014 film “The Key” is a adaptation based on the legendary Japanese Novel “The Key” (1955) by Nobel Prize Laureate Junichiro Tanizaki. Jefery Levy’’s film “The Key”  is a abstract psychological story of  obsession, love, devotion, hatred, sex and ultimately power.  At the base of the story is the key. The key is needed to unlock that which is unaccessible  and unattainable.  The story of “The Key” is masterfully told through interwoven Diaries of a husband and wife, Jack  played by  David Arquette and Ida played by Bai Ling. The depth of both artists in their performances are absolutely profound. After 16 years of marriage both Jack and Ida even with the love they have for each other, they have come to a point of dissatisfaction in their marriage.  Not able to talk to each other they write in their diaries hoping that the other will read it and understand, but not understanding the consequences that will be set into motion once the taboos of their heart are unleashed.  “The Key” is both masterfully and artistically  showcased.  It is a minimalistic cinematic feast for the  mind as well as the eyes  with its  simplistic storytelling and sexually erotic scenes “The Key”  is both daring and thought provoking.  It shows that sometimes the keys that one might be looking for are not necessarily the keys that one needs to unlock what one desires.  At the same time what one desires is not necessarily what one wants. There is beauty in being able to have a conversation among equals in a loving and supportive relationship or marriage. The problems  start to emerge when the communication ceases and all one can do is assume what the other is thinking and that can unlocks a dangerous vortex of unyielding emotions and inexcusable actions. ” The Key”  is a tour de force for  writer/director Jefery Levy’ along with actors David Arquette and Bai Ling.

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The Key 85 min

Director: Jefery Levy’