2015 Dances With Films Review: “Barn Wedding” Directed by Shaun Benson

Barn Wedding Poster 2015


By: Ellexia Nguyen

Shot in Guelph, Ontario, “Barn Wedding” is a dramedy that shows the unexpected surprises leading up to the wedding day of Fashion Blogger Emma (played by Emily Coutts) and her longtime boyfriend Colin (played by Brett Donahue). After finding out that she has to move her summer wedding up six months, Emma is set on having her wedding in a barn located in a snowy, rural area.

Emma’s boyfriend Colin and her best friend Jessie (played by Kelly McCormack), along with a small group of friends and family, agree to travel to the rural area to spend the weekend with Emma in a farm house near the barn. While there, Emma and Jessie exchange wistful glances unbeknownst to Colin. Beneath the happy moments of friends having a good time is a gradual build that leads us to the painful truth that drives a wedge between Colin and his fiancée Emma. Jesse’s friendship with Emma turns icy as she truly shows her feelings about Emma on the night before Emma’s wedding. As a result, Colin is placed in a situation where he has to decide to move forward with the wedding or cancel it.

“Barn Wedding” marks the directorial debut for Shaun Benson, who is an award winning actor. Mixed with elements of sexual identity, this Canadian Independent feature film explores the complex relationships between lovers and friends, showing how two best friends’ inability to be honest can negatively impact those around them. Among other things, the film shows us that we can find the most painful truth during our happiest moments. If you like stories with surprises, something that will twist you towards the end and make you re-consider how you should treat those closest to you, don’t be afraid to see “Barn Wedding.

 “Barn Wedding” will be screening at  the 2015 Oakville Festivals of Film and Art on June 27th at 7:00 P.M

For  more about “Barn Wedding.” go here  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Barn-Wedding/267460473427697

Barn Wedding 80 min

Director: Shaun Benson